2020 Juneteenth Celebration:

The Lansing Juneteenth 2020 Celebration and all activities (the Essay/Scholarship Contest, Ceremony Programs, the Parade, the Saturday Freedom Park Celebration) were cancelled due to the COVID-19 Executive Orders in place at that time which restricted and/or prevented public gatherings.  


We appreciate the support of the Greater Lansing Community and Region for all the years of support of this celebration.  The Lansing Juneteenth Committee prepared a special Tribute in honor of Juneteenth Day and circulated a PSA on local public media sources and social media.   

Additional information of our Tribute as we recognize and promote the history of Juneteenth with  the National Day of Observance of Juneteenth is being prepared. More information will soon follow.

Marilyn Plummer, Chair & Members of Lansing Juneteenth Celebration Committee and The Progressive Empowerment Education Resource Service/PEERS Board of Directors

Lansing Mayor - Andy Schor

Juneteenth, Celebrating Freedom
Be sure to pick up a copy of Julian Van Dyke's latest book "Juneteenth, Celebrating Freedom."
Julian Van Dyke is well known writer, painter and actor from the Lansing area.  Julian is a long-time supporter of Juneteenth in Lansing. His artwork is also spotlighted in the Lansing Juneteenth logo.
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